DTPMP Scale Inhibitor Ultimate Analytics 2019


DTPMP scale inhibitor performance characteristics

DTPMP can effectively improve water production and water quality. Reduce the operating costs of water treatment equipment. Improve industrial water supply standards.

The function of DTPMP scale inhibitor

DTPMP is a water treatment chemical that prevents the deposition of scale-forming salts in the water on the surface of equipment. It is generally believed that DTPMP acts as a scale inhibitor because it has a chelation effect on metal ions in water, adsorption, and dispersion on crystallites, and lattice distortion.

After more than half a century of development, the research and development and application of DTPMP have achieved certain results. In recent years, DTPMP has a wide variety of products. Under the impetus of industrial water treatment and environmental protection, DTPMP is developing in a multi-functional, efficient and environmentally friendly direction.

DTPMP scale inhibitor features

  1. Effectively control calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scale. Calcium carbonate LSI up to +3.0 does not cause scaling
  2. For all major reverse osmosis membranes
  3. Disperse the blocking particles to keep the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane clean.
  4. The pH range of water is still within the effective range of 5-9
  5. Directly added or diluted, compatible with other scale inhibitors

Packaging and storage of DTPMP scale inhibitor

DTPMP is generally packed in plastic drums, 25kg per drum or according to user requirements. Store in a cool place with a storage period of ten months.

According to different water quality conditions, different processes are adopted, and the appropriate DTPMP is selected to make it more effective and effective and to reduce the cost and corresponding environmental protection requirements.

How to control the amount of DTPMP scale inhibitor

DTPMP is used as a consumable in water treatment equipment. Adding more or less will affect the use of DTPMP. So how to master the amount of DTPMPA? Let’s take a look.

There are a lot of DTPMP types on the market. The use of different brands of DTPMP is slightly different. Because different manufacturers have different formulas and concentrations, they are not the same. Please consult the manufacturer when using.

The actual amount of DTPMPA is reported based on the water quality, salinity, temperature, and recovery rate. Then calculate the amount of dosing for a reference. According to the specific conditions of the reverse osmosis system, the type of membrane and other conditions. Determine the most suitable dosage.

The amount of DTPMP used is really important. Excessive use of DTPMP will affect the use of the effect. It also increases operating costs. Causes very unnecessary waste. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the correct use method to achieve the purpose of circulating water plus DTPMP.

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DTPMP Scale Inhibitor Utimate Analytics 2019

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