Identification of water treatment chemicals

Any product needs to be identified before purchasing. The so-called identification of water treatment chemical is based on its chemical structure and physical and chemical properties, the analysis and determination of the basic effective components, in order to distinguish it

The authenticity and pros and cons of. Many dimensions can directly reflect its authenticity and quality. Such as appearance, color, smell, solubility, clarity, solid crystal form, etc. All of these are water treatment chemicals

Direct help.

1. The main chemical reaction of water treatment chemical. Such as functional group reaction, ion reaction and so on.

2. Determination of physical constants of water treatment chemicals. Such as density, viscosity of liquid medicament and melting point of solid agent.

Identification of Water Treatment Chemicals

3. The acquisition of spectral or other spectral characteristics. For example, ultraviolet absorption spectrum, infrared spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum. The chromatographic characteristic values (specific shift value, retention time, etc.) of some fungicides can also be determined.

4. pH value. It is generally based on the pH value of 1% aqueous solution.

Because of the wide range of water treatment chemicals, the identification of different agents will be different. However, these aspects described above are the basic detection aspects of water treatment chemical products. In addition, in the identification, one identification test can not be used as the sole basis for judgment. Only by investigating and analyzing the results of other related projects can we make a correct and reliable judgment.

Production status of water treatment agent

When we understand the production situation of an industry, we are actually understanding the development of each stage. Through understanding the production of water treatment agent at this stage. We can know that the next step is to set its development goal as

Which direction. Detailed production status we will learn from the following four aspects. They are technical level, production distribution, development scale and product level.

1. Technical level. After more than 40 years of development, the production technology level of water treatment agent has been greatly improved. However, it is still unable to achieve better innovation, and most of them are still in a transitional state. There are even quite a few of them

However, the traditional manual operation is continued.

2. Production distribution. In addition to a few foreign manufacturers producing polymer single agent, the rest are basically concentrated in compound products and technical services. China is mainly concentrated in Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan.

3. Development scale. The scale of circulating water treatment agent is nearly 5 million tons. The proportion of organic phosphines is about 50%, and that of polymers is about 15%. About 4 million tons of inorganic coagulant. Water soluble polymer flocculant is more than one million tons.

4. Product level. The product level is mixed. Although it has been improved, the overall quality is still not high. There are too many medium and low-end products. Even malicious competition once appeared, disrupting the existence of the market.

To sum up, Chinas water treatment agent market has become increasingly stable. The varieties of water treatment agents have become mature. The overall development speed has entered a stable period. The speed of development is higher than that of traditional economy. But we still have to be firm

Maintain the basis of product quality, and then improve production efficiency. For the areas in the world where water treatment agents are well developed, we also need to carry out various technical exchanges.

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