What are the characteristics of industial water treatment chemicals?

Industial water treatment chemicals are widely used in water treatment industry. It has also made great contributions to various industries. Industial water treatment chemicals include scale inhibitor, flocculant, reducing agent, bactericide, catalyst and cleaning agent. Each medicine has its own functions and characteristics.

1. Flocculant

Flocculant belongs to linear polymer. The molecular weight ranges from 4 million to 20 million. The flocculant can make the high-efficiency mixed bacteria with flocculation and degradation function separated from the municipal sewage to treat the domestic sewage. The removal rate of COD and BOD can reach 100%.

What Are The Characteristics of Industial Water Treatment Chemicals

2. Scale inhibitor

As the name suggests, scale inhibitor is a kind of water treatment agent to alleviate the scaling and corrosion of boiler and other circulating water equipment. The agent is composed of alkaline substance and organic compound, and corrosion inhibitor is added to prevent the heating surface from being corroded. The alkaline substance in the agent reacts with calcium and magnesium salts in water through chemical reaction in the boiler to form water slag, which is discharged out of the boiler through sewage discharge function after precipitation, so as to reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water, so as to avoid scale formation in the boiler.

3. Cleaning agent

Cleaning agent is a kind of volatile solvent which can dissolve the penetrant, which is used to remove the surplus penetrant on the surface of the workpiece to be inspected. Some cleaning agents are specially designed to remove metal hydroxides, calcium carbonate and other similar scales attached to the surfaces of polyamide, polysulfone and membrane component membranes. Before using the cleaning agent, check the cleaning tank, pipeline, security filter and install new filter element.

4. Fungicides

Fungicide. Its function can be seen by its name. Bactericide is mainly a kind of medicament to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms and other harmful bacteria. In the world, it is usually used as a general term for the control of various pathogenic microorganisms. Fungicides do not produce potential hazards such as bromine, iodine, peroxide or peracetic acid.

What are the main components of industial water treatment additives?

Generally, water treatment agents include three types of products.

1. General chemicals: inorganic chemical products used for water treatment, such as Al2 (SO4) 3, etc.

2. Special chemicals: including activated carbon, ion exchange resin and organic polymer, flocculant, etc.

3. Formulated chemicals: including corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, bactericide, combustion additive, etc.

Water treatment chemicals have strong conversion. According to the application purpose, water treatment chemicals can be divided into two categories.

1. Purified water: pH regulator, redox agent, adsorbent, activated carbon and ion exchange resin, coagulant and flocculant.

2. Special industrial purpose: corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and dispersant, bactericide and algicide, softener,industial water treatment chemical etc.

Compound water treatment agent is the main application form, which has the advantages of multi-function and convenient application.

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