What chemicals are needed for central air conditioner water treatment?

The water system of central air conditioner system includes cooling water system and cold water / hot water system. The central air conditioner system generally adopts single pipe system. Circulating cold water in summer and hot water in winter. Circulating water system is an important part of central air conditioner system.

What Chemicals Are Needed for Central Air Conditioner Water Treatment

By adding water quality stabilizer into the circulating water system. The scaling ions in water are stable in water. Such as corrosion and scale inhibitor, dispersant and bactericide. The principle is that calcium and magnesium ions are stably dissolved in water by chelating, complexation and adsorption dispersion. It has good dispersing effect on colloids such as iron oxide and silica.

The corrosion inhibitor can form a water-insoluble protective film on the metal surface. This kind of film can hinder the hydration reaction or dissolved oxygen reaction of metal ions, and inhibit the corrosion reaction. The specific chemical scale and corrosion inhibition will be introduced in the following article.

At present, this method is the most widely used method in central air conditioning water treatment. It is also the most widely used and most mature method in industrial water treatment. Through practice, it is proved that it is an effective and economical method.

Central air conditioner water treatment with metal prefilming agent, bactericide, slow-release scale inhibitor is basically OK. Its better to use an automatic dosing system. Clean and change water regularly. Carbon steel pipes are generally used for central air conditioning. The inner wall of the pipe will be corroded, and bacteria will grow in the water, and even form biofilm, which will adhere to the inner wall of heat exchange coil of refrigerator and air conditioner. This will seriously affect the heat transfer efficiency. The added medicine is to inhibit the occurrence of the above two situations.

Corrosion inhibitor and bactericide are added in chilled water and corrosion inhibitor is added in hot water. If the hot water is above 80 ℃, the scale inhibitor should be added. If the make-up water for the hot water system is soft water, it is not required.

Before the pipeline system is put into use, the pipeline needs to be flushed until the turbidity reaches the standard. And add prefilming agent. The passivation film is formed on the inner wall of the pipeline. In order to slow down the corrosion of pipeline inner wall.

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